Jonathan Charles Furniture at Livingston Furniture |Jonathan Charles furniture is now available for purchase at Livingston Furniture.

Caring for your wood furniture.

Wood is a natural material and as such, its colour, detail and characteristics vary enormously. In order to make our furniture as antique looking as possible we do everything we can to bring out the natural beauty of each individual piece of wood. Some companies use finishing techniques that make every piece of wood look the same. We believe that in doing this, the natural beauty is lost. It looks mass produced, plastic and characterless. Every piece of wood is unique. Every piece of furniture is unique as well, as long as this character is retained.

When you receive your piece of Jonathan Charles Furniture, the surface may be covered in protective wax. This is only to protect the finish during transport and all you need to do is wipe it off with a soft dry cloth (duster). It may take a couple of days for your furniture to adjust from the cold box and warehouse it has been stored in and “warm up” while in your home. The finish will look much nicer after a couple of days of coming out of the box.

The level of sheen on each piece of furniture varies slightly from piece to piece. After using your furniture for 6 months or so you may find that the sheen will dull slightly in the areas that get a lot of use. Some people like this, but if you wish to “refresh” your furniture, you can do so by using PURE BEES WAX and a soft furniture cloth (duster). Apply the wax and wait for it to harden for 15 to 30 minutes (depending on the type of wax you are using) and then wipe off using a clean soft furniture cloth (duster). If you feel your furniture may still need more refreshing, then you can use “0000” steel wool (wire wool) to apply the wax. It is important that you use “0000” and nothing else. This is the finest grade and anything else will seriously damage your finish. After applying the wax lightly with your “0000” steel wool, you should then wait for it to dry and remove with a soft cloth. You will probably not need to do this often, if ever. Normally wiping your furniture down with a dry soft cloth will be fine with the occasional polish using a household furniture polish. We recommend trying to use a polish that does not contain silicone, as over a period of time this will build up and muddy your finish. If this happens, you will need to wire wool your furniture as mentioned above.