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Henry Link Trading Company

Those with a passion for travel and discovery are collectors by nature…a worn leather steamer trunk from Cairo, a carved teak altar table from Singapore, a list of places to visit in Amsterdam suggested by a fellow traveler in a Parisian cafe.  The allure of exotic destinations and the mystery of  indigenous cultures evoke in all of us the spirit of adventure.

 For even the most seasoned traveler, home remains the center of the compass, and a place where treasured acquistions are displayed with pride, each with a story to be told.  And the ability to savor the memories of grand adventures, through special items collected along the way, is one of the rewards of a well-traveled life.

Henry Link Trading Company is a brand whose passion lies in the discovery of unique and inspiring furniture designs from every corner of the globe – signature pieces hand selected by an experienced team of well-traveled designers and collectors.

Items in the portfolio are classic in styling, yet fresh and contemporary in their interpretation.  The use of natural materials, including exotic woods, travertine and marble, shell inlay, aged brass and metal, leather-wrapped rattan and woven cane,  enhance the beauty of hand crafted designs from artisans around the world.  Unique finishes transcend the traditional, imparting a one-of-a-kind look to distinctive silhouettes, destined to cature your imagination.

For those who are collectors at heart, whose passion lies in acquiring pieces of unique beauty, Lexington Home Brands is pleased to introduce Henry Link Trading Co., your passport to the world.

Product will be available in October 2011.